Thursday, November 01, 2007

briefly by way of explanation my absence

... ok well i been plenty busy lately. some folks have ample of discretionary time to be attending to their blog/facebook/myspace & etc - but i am not those people

this week its shooting a tv add for the greens. last week it was finishing some tracks for the next tape projects, unnh, "project". week before that, recording a show for abc radio national. & top of the "to do" list right now is sorting stuff for the next meredith music festival & writing liner notes for the next 2 releases on omni.

anyways: i did catch most of the Merce Cunningham & co events at the recent Melb festival: 2 concerts by a quartet of Christian Wolff, David Behrman, Takehisa Kosugi & John King, and 2 performances of dance pieces by the Merce C Dance Co...

... this clip is also by way of alluding to the new blog of quockenzocker, surveying documentary & other footages of avant musical activities.

more, "shortly"...

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Blogger Irving Washington said...

Welcome back! That link to the Greens... Is that Brie from neighbours on the left? Good grief!

7:46 pm  

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