Thursday, October 04, 2007

kevin rudd & the ICJ, pt 2

... Here's something I stumbled on, in the course of my research. The
International Court of Justice has found Isreal's apartheid wall to be illegal.

The UN general assembly has voted overwhelmingly for Isreal to comply with the ICJ's decision: Australia was one of 6 nations voting against that resolution.

So, I've
emailed Mr Rudd to enquire on where he stands on this issue...

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Blogger Irving Washington said...

I don't know... I keep trying to leave comments but you're either moderating them (shurely shome mishtake?) or I'm twatting it up when I leave them (far more likely).

Anyhoo, It'll be interesting to see Mr. Rudd's reply to your letter - I hope you post it up.

2:28 am  
Blogger warmpoison said...

put up more posts ya Rudd!

10:30 am  

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