Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Australian premiere (*maybe) of Tristram Cary's < Trios >

... *leastways, as near as we can figure out.

Tristram Cary's Trios, for "unskilled turntable players" (I & Pat O'Brien) & "skilled synthesizer player" (that would be Ant Pateras), as part of the next concert in Ant Pateras' season, during his year as resident composer at ANAM.

Ant will be performing on the same EMS VC3 synthesizer, & DK1 keyboard, that Keith Humble ordered from Tristram Cary back in 1971. Which is a congenial serendipity, I guess.

Friday 26th March
Australian National Academy of Music
Old South Melbourne Town Hall
Bank Street, South Melbourne

concert program:

Anthony Pateras Chromatophore
Keith Humble Bagatelles
Tristram Cary Trios
Anthony Pateras Thirst
Neil Kelly Flush (World premiere)
Mary Finsterer Ether
PIVIXKI Ayala Valva
PIVIXKI The Stratosphere and the Bird

Michael Kieran Harvey - piano
Max Kohane - drums
Jim Knox & Patrick O'Brien - turntables
Anthony Pateras - synthesizer/conductor
Musicians of the Academy

Entry by donation!

... iteration of the same infos at the ANAM website, here

Ant will also be diffusing electroacoustic works by Natasha Anderson, and Robin Fox (both World premieres), as well as historical e/a works by Jack Ellitt and Percy Grainger.

Thanks heaps to Samon Takahashi (creative audio champion) and Monica Syrette (brains-trust of the Percy Grainger Museum)

ABC-FM is recording the concert; broadcast details will follow.

(gratuitous image theft...)

March 26th is Ant Pateras' birthday, & this concert maintains his recent tradition of celebrating the date with live performance. He's a super-fine fellow, and a tireless partisan for the cultures of both organized and disorganized sound: it is a rare honour to be performing with him. Cheers, ears!

Serendipity extra: Trunk Records have just released a compile LP of Tristram Cary's music. Among which pieces are soundtracks to several films that I screened for the Lumpen Intelligentsia Film Society, way back when. It is a solid collection, & recommended accordingly.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

fumare permesso

John Waters' PSA for the Landmark Nuart in Los Angeles...

Ecoplex cinema program for the 2010 Golden Plains Festival is here

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Khrjanovsky & Schnittke: Butterfly (1972)

Among a wealth of incredible animation from the former USSR, this is one of my favourites. I've come to think of this one as a gentle & cautionary rejoinder to Stan Brakhage's Mothlight. The tone is delicate & heartbreaking; the images are beautifully realised, and in their flat perspective and vibrant colours might have a kinship with Paradjanov - and, indeed, anything under the heavy influence of european folk art.

Andrei Khrjanovsky is still working; hopefully we see his new feature at the MIFF this year. Audio chores on this one are by his regular collaborator, Alfred Schnittke (electronic tonalities, realised on the ANS synth).

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