Thursday, August 16, 2007

Book Illustrations 2: Trnka

... death & the emperor, from "The Nightingale"

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales / by H. C. Anderson; illustrated by Jiri Trnka
London : Spring Books, 1961

(This one figures in a book I copped as a long-ago b-day present from my Grandfather)

... Titania! A character sketch, for Trnka's stop-motion adaptation of:

A Midsummer Night's Dream / William Shakespeare ; with pictures from the film by Jiri Trnka
Praha : Artia, 1960

A sad story: I bought a 16mm print of this one - technicolour, and in wide-screen scope - at a deceased estate auction for $21. I delegated some friends to collect it (the auction was interstate, you understand) & they grabbed the wrong reels - a Russian ballet film of the same title.

Stills can be found at the Kratky Film website...

... and some clips can be found on this site, and at youtube.

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Blogger priyanka said...

hi i was looking for jiri trnka's illustrations on the internet. I'm so glad to have found some links on your blog. I have a book which has some more of his stuff. which I will upload on my blog. and if you're interested please have a look. and do forward any other interesting information about him. cheers!

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