Tuesday, July 31, 2007

(liner notes) Country Moog/Nashville Gold - Gil Trythall

A single cyclopean eye winks from the apex of a hotwired haystack. The landscape is etched like a circuitboard; the new frontier is electronic, and these recordings describe the point at which the folk traditions of acoustic & digital eras play at their innocent capers and courtship…

In a year and an era of youthquake upheavals, 1968’s Switched-on Bach was an electric shock that convulsed the U.S. music industry. Created on a prototype Moog synthesizer, Wendy Carlos’ LP was the first classical recording to go platinum (and double), and won her 3 Grammies the following year. That success launched a wave of “Switched-On” albums directed at other audiences - jauntily synthesized cover versions drawn from the familiar back-catalogues of successful songwriters, like George Gershwin and The Who. It all culminated someplace in the seventies with the giddy ascent of Popcorn into the higher reaches of international charts, but that Hot Buttered hit was the exception that proved a rule… Inbetweentimes, most of these records had blazed into unremarked and rapid oblivion, but among the good and the bad there are more than a few genuinely inspired recordings. 2 of the most singular are by Gil Trythall.

now available from the Omni Recording Corporation

Gil Trythall's software is available for D-L, here

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