Monday, March 05, 2007

Timecapsules Thursday 8th March


Thursday 8th March, 8.30pm

127 Campbell St

Expanded Cinema by Trans-Tasman Renegades

Sam Hamilton & Eve Gordon (NZ), “Light-mantled sooty albatross” 25 mins

4 modified film projectors/1 destroyed guitar/2 good humans... NZ champions of creative cinema preside over the marriage of abstract sound & image: marmite abstractions conceived in the shadow of a searchlight sweep. Veterans of collaborative activities with the likes of Damo Suzuki & the Tall Dwarfs, organisers of the Auckland International Film Festival’s fps program, Golden Plains Festival guests.

Grin without a Cat (Le fond de l'air est rouge)

Chris Marker : 1977/1993 : 179 mins

Scenes from the Third World War 1967-1977: Marker’s eulogy for the New Left, spanning from the Vietnam war to the downfall of the Allende government in Chile, via uprisings in Prague, Paris, and sundry other points about the globe. Artfully engaging essay film leavened by Marker’s typically ironic wit (he took his surname from Magic Marker pens), with an original soundtrack by Luciano Berio.

“Marker has a genius for poetic aphorism and the documentary equivalent of the bon mot… More impressionistic than analytical, A Grin Without a Cat is a grand immersion.“ – John Hoberman, Village Voice

A Grin Without a Cat is a work of extraordinary journalism, but it is also a work of deft and subtle poetry, visual as much as verbal.” – David Kehr, New York Times

“One of the most towering & extraordinary films to grace the screen.” – Phil Hall, Film Threat

“It reconfirms Marker as one of the most serious-minded & artistically gifted filmmakers in France, or anywhere else.” – David Sterritt, Christian Science Monitor

Gold coin donation …
... Bar at pub prices

Dean's Timecapsules program

inaugural Golden Plains Festival, March 10-12th 2007

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