Friday, September 11, 2009

map of the world (revised)


Blogger huckster said...

Is that "They Live?" One of my favourites. Especially with that blues lick that absolutely crawls along. Hello from London, Joe

7:11 am  
Blogger jim knox said...

Joe! a pleasure to hear from you... how are things on that side of the planet?

You picked it. I love this film! Damn... I remember (vividly) seeing a clip from it on tv, just after it had been released in the US (it topped the box office there for a couple weeks, from memory). As soon as I got word of a local release, Sydney, I rang the distributor: any screenings, nearer to me (Brisbane)? Nada. So I caught the greyhound south - spent a w/e staying with my great aunt, & her husband (an emphysemic retired police commissioner). Ha! Also I saw Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, and band Lubricated Goat (at the Evil Star, as the japesters used to refer to the Evening Star Hotel). Couple months later, a review of this was the first thing I ever had published (I got paid for it, even!).

I was 19. I had a mohawk (not really - it was shoulder length but shaved up the sides - in a high wind it flapped around all over the place) and shaved eyebrows.

Anyways. Watched this again & it provided for a rousing nostalgia. heh!

9:25 pm  

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