Saturday, May 09, 2009

Esma encore

... well I did only a very little of digging for vinyls, this most recent European trip (there was however a substantial component of film research). Here is the fruit of a leisurely wander thru the market stalls at trg. Brittanski, my first day in Zagreb. The vendor sniffed dismissively at the crates I was riffling, "Zose are do-mestic". "Oh. Good!", I thought.

This is early Esma Redzepova - her voice is in a much higher register, & she has a wildly expressive ululating vibrato. Difficult to date with any confidence, as nothing like a year appears on either of the cover or the record labels, and scant information by way of a discography is available online. But, so near as I can figure, this is her first LP.

A couple of these tunes have become standards of the contemporary Balkan/Gypsy repertoire, and I've heard several performed this year by both
Fanfare Ciocarlia and the Kocani Orkestar. Caje Sukarije is something like her signature tune, and was infamously bootlegged on the Borat soundtrack. I'm guessing there may be some interest in this; something like 100 folks DL-ed the Esma tape I posted an age back; several tracks from that tape reappear here, but in greater fidelity.

Anyways. Enjoy!

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Anonymous honeyant said...

thanks JK!
shoulds mention that Emina and Aleksandra and Esma and sara at a suburban club in brunswick, melbourne all look wonderful too!

11:32 pm  
Anonymous seyo said...

Hi, I might give you the year of this release, Esma.
I only need from you to give me the Catalogue number of the LP, located below the Jugoton logo. It should contain letters LSY...
Please send to

6:51 am  
Anonymous seyo said...

According to the catalogue number and the logo design of Jugoton label, the record should have been released in 1970 or 1971.

6:31 pm  
Blogger Max said...

Released [1977] Esma Redzepova - Romano Horo

5:13 am  
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