Thursday, December 11, 2008

Outlands Ecoplex cinema: MMF08

Yes: special. The Mu-Meson Archives has been the legended epicentre of Sydney underground culture for several decades (plus). Home to Jay Katz & Miss Death is a warehouse/cinema/venue abulge with fringe film insania. Finally! At last! We have brought them back to Melbourne; please make them welcome for their Ecoplex premiere! Then peel your peepers for this wig-flipping program of freak-film insania... You will see:

choice cuts from their Freaks, Geeks & Almost X-Rated Peeks: a no-attention-span collision of excerpts from insane films, senseless adds, demented educational films, weird public service announcements and much mucho more...

an unpredictable (& unforgettable!) journey through that most horribly-obscured of all celluloid ghettos: the informational film. Drawing from their extensive private collection, this survey of "social guidance cinema" explores the extreme outer-limits of: christian dating ethics - workplace hazards - perils of driving - ordnance disposal - those perverts roaming your neighbourhood - personal hygiene - and much much more!

an episode of the Phoenix5 TV series (1969 Melbourne production conceived as “the Australian Star Trek”) with the dodgiest robots ever broadcast at a unconvinced audience... A computer made of light switches? Youbetcha!

some films are best enjoyed in their trailer format, and the Archives has collected a range from the most bizarre international titles... Experience the wild world of world-wide cinema with highlights from the Turkish Exorcist, the Italian Jaws, the Brazilian Star Wars, the Indian Dracula etc etc etc

clips from their collection of rare music documentaries, and a head-spinning trip into the murky world of Para-Politics, Conspiracies and UFOlogy...

Welcome aboard, Space-brothers and –sisters!

Transworld Travelogue
- Live Cinema Performance by Jean Poole

(you may remember Jean from such previous Ecoplex live-AV scenarios as ‘Around the world in 80 minutes’, GP08)

Load up on supplies, lie back on the grass, and let that screen become your spaceship windshield for an intergalactic journey to distant stars ( and back - we don't want you to miss the next act ). Underappreciated Flying Objects along the way, may include, bootlegged Super Heros (badly green-screened by filmmakers in Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Turkey ( of course! )), Will Oldham high on a trampoline, a Mike Munro paper mache mask ( as used in Jon Safran's banned Australian TV pilots ), a 21st century German cannibal, Lucky People Centre, musical prostitutes, animated turntables, fighting gorillas, and a Soviet Union cosmonaut who returns to earth to discover the U.S.S.R. has been dismantled. In-flight zentertainment for the 90 minute journey will include video karaoke, animated interludes and a condensed history of musical cinema. BYO anti-gravity boots.
&: plus a whole bunch else (yes!)

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