Friday, March 28, 2008

Szeki Kurva: multikultiultraturbopunkfolkfreakcore

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome on board Air Bosnia Herzegovina. May we take the opportunity to ask you to extinguish all burning objects, including fellow passengers. Now put your head between your legs and KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE..."

... this one has been a decade in the scaring-up, but ebay delivered where more conventional music retailers had previously failed. Now I have 2 of 3 CDs released by Szeki Kurva.

Difficult to characterise this stuff in any meaningful shorthand fashion. There are the casually scattered brutal beats of breakcore. There's a wonderfully inspired choice of samples from Hungarian trad tunes. And its informed by a politics of social collapse that was the Balkans in the 1990s - rustic village life sundered by anachronistic tribal hatreds.

I'm not clear that there was so much other music this thrilling in the 1990s (and this stuff was hardly "available" at the time...
) I heard about it from ex-housemate & congenial maniac, Glenn Normal (where he'd heard of it, I'm less clear).

Anyways: is killer! The discs are inconsistent, but the best tracks are at the pinnacle of the style & Szeki Kurva have that niche all to theyselves. Some of it might bear comparison to Curse ov Dialect's first long player on Mush; tho' for its ethos & execution, rather than the actual "sound".

Some infos:

Download their debut CD on Iris-Light, "Music for Joyriders" - unavailable for long years

Mailorder the other 2 discs (label, Iris-Light, also do a comp of Joe Banks' Disinformation project, and a DVD of solar VLF recordings...)

Interviews, here & here

... Szeki Kurva are no more, but some members raise a ruckus still as The Revolting Cocks

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